A Field of Dreams – Lord James Percy

Field of Dreams Cover

2013 – First Edition Book Review

By growing up in the wilds of Northumberland (the north-eastern region of England nestling on the Scottish border) Lord James Percy freely admits he has had an enormously privileged life – a life full of all sorts of sporting adventure from the very earliest age.

Lord Percy is a gifted and easy reading author. Intertwined with over 120 spectacular colour photographs depicting the natural wonderland of this barren but enchanting part of the British Isles are his carefully selected and thoughtfully composed essays on the diverse but interconnected elements that have made up his life as a devoted countryman of northern England.

In this book with its stunning dust cover highlighting the rolling hills of Northumberland, Lord Percy shares his deep fascination and admiration for the British countryside and his infatuation bordering on obsession for conservation, wildlife, shooting and fishing.

Lord Percy is the owner of the Linhope Estate in Northumberland so it is not surprising that there is a strong emphasis on grouse shooting, the crème de la crème of British game shooting, but there are also informative chapters on pheasant, partridge and wood pigeon shooting, on sea-trout fishing, and on salmon fishing on the river Tyne.

The author is also not beyond showing his personal side and sharing his humour and emotions including his love for the various dogs that he has had the good fortune of having as companions throughout his life – mostly cross-breeds with dominating Labrador genes. His summary of the fine line a fearless country sportsman has to tread when sharing his life with a wife and children is both illuminating and downright funny.

Not only is this a book of wonderful photos suitable to grace the very finest of coffee tables around the world but it is an excellent and informative read. Highly recommended and well reviewed by major UK shooting and fishing critics.

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