Oakworthy Shoot – Late Season Wing Shooting in North Devon – Courtesy of GunsOnPegs


Oakworthy Shoot is a long established Devon shoot providing fantastically high pheasant and partridge at an average ratio of 5:1. Birds shown off deep valleys and high banks, all for £30 per bird. True West Country hospitality all included. Days from 100-250 can be catered for. Also single pegs on syndicate available.

Oakworthy Shoot set in beautiful North Devon countryside, known for its HIGH QUALITY BIRDS, great hospitality and friendly atmosphere where our priority is a good days entertainment, set in 1250 acres of wooded valleys and grass farmland with pheasant, partridge, duck and the odd challenging woodcock. Birds are driven from game crops and the top of wooden valleys producing the usual high Devon pheasant. With 12 main drives we can choose the right drives for wind and guns ability.

With the average at 4-1 but on drives like Alscott shooting under 8-1 is a very good.

We provide 100 – 300 bird days ranging from 5 – 10 guns as well as back to back days that can be tailored to you requiremnts.

Single guns are also available with the syndicate shooting up to 150 bird days.

Arrival at the shoot room at Cudworthy farm is 9:00 am for a relaxed cup of coffee biscuits and a chat aiming to be on peg by 9.30, with the day consisting of at least four drives. Transport can be provided between each drive if required.

There will be home made soup, savoury snacks and drinks served after the second drive along with the odd glass of port between drives. The day will be finished off with a fantastic meal.

We can recommend local accomodation if required as there are plenty of hotels, pubs and bed and breakfasts which are nearby to the shoot itself catering for one person or a full team.

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