Pheasant and Partridge Shooting in West Sussex – Courtesy of BCS Roving Reporter Ian Temple, Esq

With the New Year almost upon us and the partridge and pheasant season rapidly drawing to a close, it was nice to receive this short report and pics from British Country Sports associate Ian Temple about a recent day of driven shooting that he and his chums had down in West Sussex. The exact location they are keeping to themselves but the shoot is typical of lots of excellent small farm shoots in the Downs region. Ian reports, “So as promised, pictures above are of a wonderful day out on driven pheasants and some remaining partridge. We met at 8.30 for coffee and breakfast rolls and the obligatory shoot and safety briefing.  Then hastily onto the shoot wagon – all hoping we had not forgotten anything essential. Quick mental check – gun, cartridges, cap, hearing protection, shooting glasses – all good to go.  Lots of chatter, joking and catching up with the latest news amongst the Guns as we bumped along the country roads and farm tracks. Five drives shot over the day. First drive I had drawn Peg One. Even on the flank I still managed to see a couple of incredible high birds.  Many shots fired but only one downed! Glad I was on the flank, obscured from view of the other Guns and saved from the inevitable friendly banter for my rusty first up performance. Better luck next drive I hoped. And so it was. Progressively getting more into the swing of things as the day went on. Draws can be deceptive and really pot luck. Best drive of the day for me was on Peg Ten.  Hedge skimming partridges and fast incoming pheasant – excellent stuff! I did the birds, the Gamekeeper and myself proud. As you can see from the pics, terrain varied over the day from valley floors to soggy fields. Generous hospitality from our hosts as always and great rapport enjoyed with the Gamekeeper, Beaters and Picking Up team.  Super dog work throughout the day – friendly and incredibly skilful in their solo and team picking up efforts. A wonderful day for all involved. Can’t wait for the next one”.

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