Twenty Years in and Still I Marvel!

A great read.

Alex Jardine Fly Fishing

Last Friday several of us others gathered in the beautiful south Dorset countryside on the banks of the River Frome. The reason, to celebrate my dad’s birthday… you may wonder why someone who forges their living in fishing would possibly take a break to go fishing but there we all were having travelled various distances to be there.


Whilst I cannot explain to non-fishers the joy of gathering on an icy, wind biting winters morning, to then go and stand in a river with the possibility of hooking something slimy. I certainly wouldn’t dream of convincing them that this is a way to celebrate one’s birthday but I can assure you, for those of us with the bug it is terrific.

That evening my buddy Lewis Hendrie and I had been asked to put together a presentation for the Dorset Chalkstream Club. Firstly we were to do a talk on…

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