Mornacott Shoot, Devon – Courtesy of GunsOnPegs

Located in Devon’s famous shooting triangle, between Molland, South Molton and North Molton, Mornacott is now in the sixth season of new ownership and has been completely reinvigorated. Following the successes of the previous seasons a further five days have been added to next season’s shooting calendar.

From the top of Clover Down, one of Mornacott’s signature drives, one can look North to see the stunning scenery of Exmoor and South towards Dartmoor National Park.

Mornacott offers some 1,400 acres of shooting and over 23 drives catering for all levels of experience and most shooting tastes from the stunning high birds of the Lower Cleave drive to the quick snap shooting required in Easter Wood.

Whilst guests come to shoot at Mornacott we understand that a little more is required than simply providing exciting drives and stunning birds.

Shooting at Mornacott is as much about spending time with friends and clients in a relaxed and luxurious environment as it is about the actual shoot.

Whilst some guests choose to bring their own four-wheel drive vehicles we are always delighted when they choose to use our gunbus which seats all in one vehicle and allows for relaxed camaraderie, conversation and friendly banter between drives.

The shootroom where the shooting day begins, and to which all return after their day, comprises a painstakingly converted and furnished barn, which creates an ambience of calm relaxation.

Our new shoot lodges offer luxury ensuite accommodation for up to nine guns or couples on the night before or after the shoot day.

Meals are taken in the shootroom and sometime before the day itself the client host for the day is provided with menu choices comprising a range of dishes using the best locally sourced ingredients many of which come directly from the farm.

We are always delighted to arrange for dinner on the night before the shoot and meals and timings are readily arranged around the requirements of our guests to allow them the choice of a full lunch or “twelveses” in the field allowing them to “shoot through” if required.

At Mornacott we seek to deliver quality and variety as opposed to just quantity. We do not offer days with bags in excess of 300 birds thereby ensuring that our guests can remember their good birds for the day and do not feel the need to take impossible shots which often only serve to inflict injury to birds and to destroy the reputation of our sport.

Part of the secret to providing an enjoyable day is in the planning of it. Prior to any day’s shooting we liaise closely with our client host to ensure that we can match drives to the level of experience of the guns providing loaders, if required, for those who might be relatively new to the sport.

Partridge, pheasant and mixed days are always a delight to arrange for our guests and with a few other types of interesting quarry available we also seek to both add to the fun element of the day and to raise small sums for charity through shooting “fines” should our guests choose to be more adventurous in their shooting.

Our shoot staff are hugely experienced in delivering quality days and many of our beaters and pickers-up spend their whole working week practicing their craft living and working as they do in the heart of England’s best shooting country.

Above all we want to make the day at Mornacott an experience to remember and savour until a return the following year to refresh the spirit.

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