Audi Q3 Review – Courtesy of Auto Express

Audi Q3

Audi is on a one-brand mission to fill every possible niche in the motoring world, and the Q3 is one of the best models in its entire range. With styling that unashamedly copies its larger Q5 and Q7stablemates, the smallest Audi SUV in the range comes in two and four-wheel-drive versions.

It’s not the most exciting design, but Audi is famed for its interiors and the high quality cabin doesn’t disappoint. It looks great, is made from top-notch materials and feels built to last.

The Q3 is closer to a compact family car than a supermini when it comes to size and this pays dividends inside where it can seat four adults in surprising comfort. It drives like a hatchback, too, with confidence-inspiring handling.

In Efficiency Mode on twin-clutch S tronic models, the transmission decouples the clutch when you lift off the throttle, effectively coasting to save fuel. If that sounds scary, it isn’t, as the engine re-engages smoothly the moment your foot touches the accelerator. It delivers gains at the pumps, too, which makes the efficient Q3 diesel a top choice for cost-conscious company car drivers.

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