Raynham Hall Partridge Shoot Norfolk

Raynham Hall is a country house in NorfolkEngland. For nearly 400 years it has been the seat of the Townshend family. The hall gave its name to the five estate villages, known as The Raynhams, and is reported to be haunted, providing the scene for possibly the most famous ghost photo of all time, the famous Brown Lady descending the staircase. However, the ghost has been seen infrequently since the photo was taken. Its most famous resident was Charles Townshend, 2nd Viscount Townshend (1674–1738), leader in the House of Lords. (Wikipedia)

Raynham Hall shoot is 6 miles from Fakenham, and covers 7000 acres of scenic traditional Norfolk Country side.

They have nearly 40 named and varied drives, from cover crop to woodland, of which 6 are chosen for each let day according to weather and wind direction on the day. Raynham provides excellent driven partridge and pheasant with bags of 200 to 400 birds and does not charge overages.

Morning tea & coffee and afternoon tea are provided.

Shoot lunch is provided by professional caterers at extra cost in the comfortable surroundings of the Old Estate Office.

Shooting dates from 1 Sep to Jan 31 are very flexible but the Estate only caters for full teams of 8-10 Guns.

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