Simulated Driven Game Shooting – Photos Courtesy of Lens & Hound

Simulated Driven Game Shooting is becoming an increasingly popular sport in the UK with not only experienced game and sporting clay shooters but also for team building and corporate days, charity funds raisers and for social events such as stag and hens parties.

Sim Days are designed to be enjoyable with lots of competition and banter between the Guns without firearm safety ever being compromised. Guns will normally shoot 4-6 drives and have a delicious picnic or pub lunch included in the price.

Usually 4000 – 5000 clays will be put over the Guns in a manner so as to simulate driven partridge skimming over hedges, towering pheasants and the occasional springing teal. On some of the premium sim shoots grouse shooting is also conducted from dug in butts.

Novelties such as exploding clays, ground targets simulating running rabbits and hares and aerial drones are also available on some shoots. An experienced Gun can expect to shoot upwards of 600 cartridges on a well run Sim Day.

If you have not yet shot a Sim Day, do yourself a favour and book one today with a group of friends.

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