Deer Stalking with the Hockham Deer Management Group

Whether you are a complete novice or experienced stalker Hockham Deer Management Group (HDMG) offers high quality, affordable deer stalking in some of the prime deer stalking areas of the UK.

The areas under HDMG management support large numbers of Red, Roe, Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer. Our strategy of selective culling ensures healthy, sustainable herds and so also provides quality trophy opportunities.

Deer Stalking - Norfolk

                                                         Deer Stalking – Norfolk

Through a structured management approach, aimed at keeping deer damage within acceptable levels, HDMG ensure long-term opportunities for UK and overseas stalkers without compromising tree and crop protection.

We have a DSC2 Approved Witness on the team and offer not only DSC Level 2 Witnessed Stalks but also training stalks in preparation for DSC2.

Red, Roe & Muntjac Stalking – Norfolk

HDMG offers prime Red, Roe & Muntjac stalking in the Thetford Forest area of Norfolk, with land covering several thousand acres over 6 estates. Thetford Forest houses some of the largest wild Red Deer in the UK. With large populations of all three species there really is something for everyone.  

Red Deer Stalking

                                                               Red Stag stalking

Muntjac Stalking

                                                                 Muntjac stalking

Roe Deer Stalking

                                                                Roe Buck stalking

CWD Stalking – Buckinghamshire

Set in the heart of Chinese Water Deer country, Hockham Deer Management Groups land supports good numbers of quality CWD.

Chinese Water Deer Stalking

                                                         Chinese Water Deer stalking

Sika Stalking – Dorset

The Poole Basin area of Dorset holds one of the largest populations of Sika deer in the UK with some of the finest trophy heads. The land is a fine mixture of heathland, arable land and woodland.

Sika Stalking

                                                         Sika Stag stalking

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