How to be Asked Again (How to be the Perfect Shooting Guest) by Rosie Nickerson


As the new shooting season approaches some lucky readers may be receiving their first invitations for a British driven game shooting day.

To the inexperienced Gun, that first time out on a shooting day can be quite daunting, in fact, down right nerve-wracking.

How to respond to your host’s invitation, what clothes to wear, what cartridges to use and how many do I need, what time do I need to turn up, can I bring my dog, how does the day run, elevenses and the shoot lunch protocols, tipping………. so much to remember and so many minefields to be tripped up in.

Author Rosie Nickerson, the daughter of shooting author Sir Joseph Nickerson who wrote the classic, “A Shooting Man’s Creed” has been involved with shooting since she was a small child. She has written for Country Life and the The Field. Ms Nickerson provides an easy to read, authoritative, often tongue in cheek and light-hearted glossary of the rules and protocols associated with British shooting.

The book is skilfully illustrated with wonderfully descriptive cartoons by artist, Oliver Preston who has been a cartoonist for The Field since 1995.

Too big to be a pocket-size aide-memoire in the shooting field, How to be Asked Again would however be a delightful and most useful addition to any sporting person’s coffee table book collection or library for that light, bedtime read before one descends into dreams of the upcoming shooting days.

Highly recommended for novice Guns and a useful refresher for those more experienced.

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