A Question for the Military Minded Grouse Shooters

11741078_929550497088253_7704993092025331465_oI saw the above photo today posted by one of my favourite publications, Fieldsports Magazine.

It shows grouse flying directly over the butts in the traditional manner – front to rear.

If we put our soldier’s cap on (beret for some of us) and called the butts trenches and the grouse attacking forces, the Guns would be employing what in military jargon is known as “frontal fire” which is generally accepted to be the least effective form of fire one can produce.

This got me thinking. A dangerous thing that doesn’t happen too often some will say.

Has anyone ever driven grouse (or for that matter other game birds) parallel to the butts so that the birds or flying enfilade to the Guns so that can take them as “crossers” rather than head on or tail on?

It simply may not be done because it is not regarded by Gamekeepers and Guns as “cricket” to do so. (For our international readers that means to play fair.) Or it could be simply that no one has thought of it before.

Obviously the Beaters would have to have a well defined stop line and the Guns a well defined left or right of arc but beating in from a flank is nothing new to many shoots and something that I am sure any proficient Gamekeeper could handle.

I look forward to your thoughts and/or flak!

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