Grouse Shooting

Red Grouse coming low and super fast

Red Grouse coming low and super fast

The Red Grouse (Lagopus Lagopus) is undoubtedly the most sought after game bird in the world.  Uniquely they are only found in upland areas of the British Isles.

Flying at speeds of  over 70 mph, grouse are the most challenging of quarry and in August, September and October shooting parties travel from all over the world to Scotland and the northern English moors to experience the pinnacle of game bird shooting.

Being a wild bird and therefore subject to the whims of mother nature, grouse numbers vary from year to year. Across the board Grouse numbers for 2015 look to be down on previous years but some regions report healthy numbers of stock and have their shooting days already fully booked.

Grouse are traditional shot by driving them across a line of Guns situated in earthen or stone butts.

Bag limits usually range from 50 – 200 brace for a team of 9-10 Guns.

Walked up shooting and rough shooting over pointers and setters, HPRs and spaniels is also very popular with bag limits usually around the 5-20 brace mark for 2-6 Guns.

Estate lodge or nearby hotel accommodation is usually available for clients and their guests.

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