Strathmore Estate – Partridge & Pheasant shooting & Stalking

The pheasant and partridge shooting at Glamis is set in amongst 14,000 acres of the rolling landscape of Strathmore Estates. It is an internationally renowned shoot that provides challenging birds and first class hospitality. The Earl of Strathmore runs a private syndicate which shoots throughout the season, but further Driven and Mini-Driven days are available.

Much of the topography at Glamis lends itself to partridge, and some interesting drives are enjoyed at the beginning of the season.

Hunters Hill on the estate is a mixed woodland of approximately 400 acres and as its name implies has been a traditional hunting ground since the 13th Century. This is the location of some of the best pheasant drives on the Estate enjoyed on our larger let days. The mature timber and topography allows the birds to be shown over the treetops and provides some spectacular sport.

Full Driven
A Full Driven day provides eight guns the opportunity to shoot pheasant, partridge and some duck on many of our excellent drives. The birds are very sporting and we can accomodate between 250 – 400 bird days.

As well as enjoying the excellent sport , your day will include drinks and lunch with wine in the 16th century Castle Kitchens, returning there for tea whilst the bag is counted at the end of the day.

Mini Driven
A Mini Driven day is very similar to the full driven day except the expected bag will be between 120 and 200 birds. There will also be more opportunities to shoot other quarry such as woodcock and pigeon. Lunch is not provided, so please bring your own. You can enjoy it in the Glamis Castle Gun Room. Your own dogs are also welcome.

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