Day 3 at ADIHEX

Another great day at the exhibition – today spending more time in the Falconry and Equestrian sections. As with all other sections of the exhibition, these 2 areas were beautifully designed and run very effectively.

During the past couple of days I have had the great pleasure to make the acquaintance of Patrick Fanzoj from Johan Fanzoj, Austrian Gunmakers since 1798. What an amazing history the Fanzoj family have as part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire period up to today.

Patrick took the time to explain to me his exquisite range of bespoke rifles and shotguns – created by genius craftsmen. They also make a wonderful range of beautifully engraved jewellery and other accessories.

They are quite expensive as you would imagine with such trimmings as encrusted diamonds and gold and being constructed of titanium.

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