Wykeham Pheasant & Partridge Shoot in Yorkshire

Spectacular pheasant shooting over three steep wooded valleys and open grass dales

Pheasant shooting in Yorkshire

The Wykeham shoot offers a wide variety of partridge and pheasant shooting. Partridges are driven across the rolling countryside lying on the southern fringes of the North York Moors and leading down to the Parkland surrounding Wykeham Abbey. “Traditional” pheasant shooting takes place over the more traditional arable and grassland and wooded dales, or spectacular “High Bird” pheasant shooting over three steep wooded valleys: Bedale, Yedmandale and Sawdondale, the latter described by one team of guns as “an island of Devon shooting in Yorkshire!”

Bags vary between 175 – 200 birds for the partridge and ‘Traditional’ pheasant shooting and 200-300 birds for the High Bird pheasants. Prices start at around £35 per bird (inclusive) and peak at £43 per bird (inclusive) for the High Birds. The quoted prices are inclusive of VAT and hospitality and are fixed for the day with no additional charge for overages.

The arrival of the guns commences with a drive through the Park leading up to the magnificence of Wykeham Abbey, the Dawnay family home. Introductions to the keepers and host take place at the “Old Kitchen”, Wykeham Abbey. The host will explain the procedures for the day and carry out the draw. There is a mid morning drink and snack out in the field followed by lunch (with a choice of menus) in the “Old Kitchen” either at lunchtime or, if preferred, at the end of the day’s shooting.

A small number of boundary or outside days take place each year with bag estimates of between 80 and 100 birds.

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