Where to Fish for Salmon in Scotland


Scottish salmon fishing has something to offer all tastes, whether it be the challenge of covering the width of our large rivers in Spring or Autumn with a long double hander, perhaps on the River Tay, Tweed, Ness or Lower Spey; catching a highland river on a falling spate, rock-hopping from pool to pool in the hope of connecting with a fresh run grilse on a single handed rod; or casting for a late summer salmon, or maybe a sea trout, from a drifting boat on the wild lochs of the Hebrides. For those planning a salmon fishing trip to Scotland, this website will provide information about the salmon fishing available throughout Scotland, with links to maps of the major Scottish salmon rivers in the north, central and south areas and the salmon lochs and rivers on the Scottish Islands. 

Salmon Fishing in the North of Scotland

In The North we will examine the potential of beautiful little salmon spate rivers like the Sheil, Croe, Naver, Thurso, Dionard, Halladale, Brora, Helmsdale, Inver and Kirkaig, to name but a few, where success often depends as much on timing as anything, catching these wild rain dependent streams just at the right time on a falling spate after a spell of summer rain or the larger, more predictable hydro-modified rivers running eastwards to the North Sea, like the Conon and Beauly.

Salmon Fishing in the South of Scotland

In The South of Scotland the salmon angler has a good variety of fishing to consider. There is the fourth of the big four Scottish salmon fishing rivers, the River Tweed, with opportunities from February right through until the end of November, the smaller, more intimate Ayrshire rivers, e.g. Doon and Stinchar, which need a bit of rain to give of their best, and those salmon and sea trout rivers which empty into the Solway Firth, i.e. the Cree, Urr, Nith, Annan and Border Esk, all capable of giving great sport on their day.

Salmon Fishing in Central Scotland

In Central Scotland (For the purpose of this site I have defined Central Scotland as the area south of the Great Glen and north of the Southern Uplands) too offers a variety of salmon fishing on rivers, large and small, including some of the most famous salmon rivers in the world in the Spey, Dee and Tay. Their are also medium sized rivers like the Findhorn, Deveron, Don, North and South Esk, Earn and Teith and smaller streams like the Allan, Ugie, Lossie and Nairn 

Salmon Fishing on the Scottish Islands

Finally, we will take a look at the salmon fishing available on the wild lochs and rivers of the The Scottish Islandssuch as Skye, Mull, North and South Uist, Lewis and Harris, where salmon and sea trout make their way through short streams into the many Island lochs after a bit of rain to offer the angler great sport from a drifting boat to the wet fly or a dapped dry fly in a good wind.

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