A Typical British Driven Shooting Day

An excellent video for our international readers showing how a typical British driven shooting runs. You will notice the dress that Guns wear, the morning gathering and briefing, drawing for first pegs, shoot transport, peg spacing, the presentation of the birds and most importantly, the good sportsmanship and camaraderie and hospitality of the day. British driven shooting is much more than the final bag count. It is a total country pursuit experience like very few others.

Lincoln Shotguns – renowned for their excellent value for money

Originally manufactured in Italy, Lincoln has been an established firearm manufacturer for many decades.

Lincoln shotguns were developed for the UK market by the Lincolnshire firm of David Nickerson (Tathwell) Ltd. and are deep-rooted in old-fashioned values.

Well-known for their solid reliability and good value for money, Lincoln shotguns have a wide spectrum of appeal within the gun community.

An ideal choice if you’re looking for a budget first up or true field gun. Lincoln shotguns boast a range of multi-purposes features and quality finish.

Lincoln make a wide selection of models in the the usual calibre with barrel lengths ranging from 27-32″.

Some of their most popular models include:

• Lincoln Premier
• Lincoln Premier Basic
• Lincoln Premier Gold
• Lincoln No. 2
• Lincoln Jubilee Prestige