First Year Viewing Log for British Country Sports Blog

One of the primary ideas behind developing the BCS blog was to provide a forum where international readers could learn more about British country pursuits.

With just under 17,500 viewings from 6,600 readers in the past 12 months we think we are on the right track.

Our readers (in numerical order) reside in the UK, the USA, Australian, Holland, Jordan, Spain, Germany, France, Canada, Norway, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Sweden, Russia, Ireland, Brazil, Romania, Finland, Slovakia, Croatia, Cyprus, Macedonia, New Zealand, UAE, Greece, Lebanon, Turkey, Jamaica, Pakistan, South Africa, India, Iceland, Switzerland, Lithuania, Serbia, South Korea, Guernsey, Saudi Arabia, the EU, Georgia, Czech Republic, Poland, Vietnam, Israel, Singapore, Argentina, Algeria, Isle of Man, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Jersey, Japan, Chile, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Mexico, Indonesia, Latvia, Kuwait, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Mauritania, US Virgin Islands, China, Bahrain, Morocco, Iraq, Thailand, Qatar, Malaysia, Philippines, Hungary, Kenya, Tunisia, Malta, Namibia, Rwanda, Bahamas, Estonia, Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Faroe Islands, Libya, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bangladesh, Monaco, Gibraltar, Myanmar, Seychelles, Egypt, and Oman.

While European, North American and Australasian readers dominate, it is very pleasing to see the plethora of Middle Eastern, Asian and African countries represented on the list.

Feedback on the blog has been very positive and we here at British Country Sports would like to thank each and every one of you for your support and interest. Hopefully we can make the blog bigger, better and even more interesting in the coming 12 months.

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