Walked Up Grouse Shooting

Only 8 months till the next grouse season in the UK so no time like the present to brush up on one of the most pleasing ways for a Gun to pursue the King of British game birds.

This short video explains and demonstrates how Pointers are used to find and flush grouse on a walked up shooting day rather than a driven shoot.

Pointers are generally not renowned as being willing to retrieve game so Springer Spaniels or another retrieving breed are usually used to collect any game shot.

Happy New Year 2016


To all our clients, followers and readers, we wish you a safe and prosperous  2016 and look forward to sharing much more British country sports action with you throughout the next 12 months.

From everyone here at British Country Sports we thank you all for your amazing support during 2015. We have made lots of new friends, many from overseas. We had over 17,000 viewings of Blog articles from 96 different countries. Five times that number of viewings on our FB page. We think that is rather jolly good.

2016 promises to be even bigger and better and we look forward to introducing many more people to the wonders of British country sports in the coming year.

Good shooting and fishing to you all.

Working Cocker Spaniels

Can a Champion Field Trial Spaniel still do a days rough shooting?

Many will argue that you either have a trialling dog or a working dog and rarely the twain shall meet.

The grand little dog featured in this video FTCh Meadowsedge Shooting Star (Dizzy) from Whaupley Gundogs will probably dispel most arguments against.

Watch and enjoy her wonderful drive and determination on rabbits and pheasants and her steadiness to whistle, shot and command.

Red Deer Stalking in England & Wales


While the Red Deer stag season has now closed in Scotland there is still excellent Red stalking to be had in England and Wales up until April.

The quality of heads and size of red deer there can be very impressive due to good deer management and favorable good habitat.

As well as stalking for cull stags, there can be opportunities to take large trophy stags by special negotiation.

Stalking in the hills and mountains of Cumbria is not unlike stalking in Scotland. The terrain is rugged and the contest between quarry and hunter is often hard fought.

The Red Deer of Thetford Forest are also highly regarded especially by European hunters.