Belvoir Castle Shoot, Leicestershire

Belvoir (pronounced Beaver) Castle has long been regarded as one of the premier driven game shoots in Britain.

The current Duke and Dutchess of Rutland along with their very professional Estate management team and staff have done an excellent job in developing the Estate even further.

A Shooting Party at Belvoir Castle not only includes fine dining but you can also stay in some of the beautiful rooms that through the ages have accommodated royalty, nobility, national leaders and captains of industry.

British Driven Grouse Shooting

The 2015 grouse season may have not long finished but you can never be too early preparing for the next Glorious 12th (12 August) to come around.

Driven grouse shooting is expensive – the day’s sport shown in this video was GBP5,000 but it is a shooting experience like no other.

Less expensive days are often available especially towards the end of the season and walked up grouse shooting over pointers, setters, HPRs or spaniels is a favourite sport for many. On such days five to ten brace would be considered a good bag.

British Simulated Driven Game Shooting

Simulated game shooting days or “sim days” are very popular in Britain with experienced and novice shotgun shooters.

Sim days are an exhilarating and fun way to either learn more about how a driven game shooting day works or to hone your shooting skills in a more relaxed setting. Sim days are also considerably less expensive than driven shooting days. They also appeal to people who like to shoot sporting clays but not live game.

On driven shooting days poaching your neighbouring Gun’s birds is deeply frowned upon  but on sim days it is not only encouraged but almost compulsory.

Four to five drives of two flushes each (so Guns and Loaders can swap around) are normally shot and a delicious two or three course lunch and refreshments are usually included in the cost of the day.

Sim days are both a wonderful way to fill in the summer months while we wait for the next shooting season and to meet new friends.



Shotgun shooting stance and mount

Most people will understand that how we stand and how we hold the shotgun will have significant impact on our ability to consistently hit game birds or clays.

In this easy to follow video Mr. Keith Coyle, Proprietor of the Park House Private Shooting School, demonstrates and explains very succinctly his recommended shotgun handling and safety procedures and the starting stance and shotgun mounting technique he has used successfully for the past 25 years.


Deer Stalking in the UK

IMG_1999Considering coming to the UK for deer stalking?

The UK has six species of deer and offers excellent stalking and seat shooting throughout the full year dependent on the season of each specie.

While the Scottish Highlands is the traditional home of British stalking, larger framed deer can often be found in the lowlands of England and Wales. And while many hunters may be looking for a trophy head from a mature, masculine stag or buck, there is ample opportunity for the less expensive but equally challenging hind or doe stalking.

To find out more about the regulations pertaining to deer stalking in the UK visit the BASC website.