Beaters Day Shoot

At the end of each shooting season it is traditional that roles are reversed and Beaters and Pickers Up enjoy a days shooting while with the resident Guns do the beating for them.

Beaters Days are great fun days and an important way for the shoot management and Guns to say thank you to their hard working helpers who turn our regularly through rain, wind and sometimes snow.

Partridge Shooting Tips from a Master Coach

10 excellent tips from ex-UK shooting coach Ian Coley on how to prepare for a day’s driven partridge shooting.

Shooting tips: How to perfect partridge

Beretta’s Silver Pigeon 1

The Silver Pigeon 1 is Beretta’s very popular, very reliable, entry level shotgun. Because of its reliability, relatively low purchase price and excellent shooting characteristics it is the choice shotgun of shooting schools.

The 12 bore is the standard workhorse of the range and in its many variations of chokes and barrel lengths is excellent value for money as a versatile field and clay gun.

The 20 bore is an ideal gun for those high volume shooting driven sim days and for rough and walked up shooting. It is lighter and very pointable. I have come to like mine so much I am now using it in preference to my 20 bore Silver Pigeon III on most driven shooting days.

UK Wood Pigeon Shooting over Field Decoys

Wood pigeons cause an enormous amount of damage to UK cropping and cost the agricultural industry millions of pounds each year.

Pigeons are a wily quarry with keen eyesight and therefore artificial and natural camouflage are essential to conceal the Guns and dogs while they lay in wait.

Correctly deploying a variety of mobile and static decoys is also fundamental to drawing the birds into gun range.

Pigeon shooting over decoys is a challenging and not overly expensive sport. A wonderful way to spend a day sitting out in the field.