Red Stag Stalking in Scotland

An excellent video showing how quick and easy it is to participate in deer stalking in Scotland, even when you may be based in London for your vacation.

The clients take the evening sleeper train from London to Scotland arriving early morning.

After breakfast and re-confirming the zero of their rifle, in this case a superb .300 Win Mag made by premier English gunmaker, William Evans and guided by the very experienced estate ghillie, the stalking party make their way up onto the mountain.

Once a suitable animal is selected, the stalking party make their way covertly into a suitable, safe, firing position.

Once the animal has been shot, the highland pony team is called forward to carry the deer off the mountain down to the Estate manor house for hanging and later butchering.

The shooting party have dinner in the comfort of the manor house and then catch the return train to London, arriving before office hours, refreshed and ready to start the next leg of their holiday adventure.

Please contact our “Country Concierge” staff to discuss how we can make similar arrangements for you.

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