Who was Saint Hubert?

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We often hear Guns and others involved in the shooting industry and sport mention saying prayers to Saint Hubert. Who was Saint Hubert and why do we offers prayers to him?

Saint Hubertus or Hubert (c. 656–727 AD) became Bishop of Liège in 708 AD.[1] He was a Christian saint who was the patron saint of hunters, mathematicians, opticians, and metalworkers.

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Grouse Virgins?

Red Grouse are acknowledged as the premium game bird in the UK if not the world. The are generally found on the moors of Scotland and Northern England but smaller numbers can still be found in certain areas of Wales and the English midlands.

Grouse season opens on The Glorious Twelfth (12 August) each year and is much anticipated by Guns, shooting estates and local businesses.

Grouse are harvested by driven shooting and walked up shooting over various breeds of gundogs.

Grouse shooting is expensive when compared to other forms of game bird shooting but anyone who has shot Grouse will tell you its money well spent for the life experience it gives you.



Canine Companion of a Lifetime

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Whether they be gundog, terrier, hound, working dog or one of the toy breeds, I think we all remember one of our canine friends a little more fondly than others. The reasons for this seem to vary greatly.

For someone like me who came to shooting and gundogs a bit later in life, I had a variety of “working dog” breeds before we formed our more recent attachment to English Springer Spaniels and German Wirehaired Pointers.

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