What is the best cartridge for Red Deer stag stalking?


Red Deer stags are amongst the largest game animals in the UK. They are mainly hunted in the Scottish Highlands and the forests of southern England.

The minimum legal calibre allowed for deer hunting in the UK is .243. This is quite suitable for small species of deer like Roe, Fallow and Sika.

Because of the formidable size of Red stags and the longer distances that shots usually have to be taken at while stalking Red Deer, .270 is regarded by many as the minimum calibre a hunter should use for them.

Once calibre is decided a hunter then needs to select the best performing projectile from the wide variety available in the calibre range.

Weight and the projectile’s design action on impact (its terminal ballistics) are the key points to look at.

A 150 grain projectile with good MPI performance, together with deep penetration and excellent expansion on medium and large size game is a good “all-purpose” combination suitable for UK hunting.

Avoid using military style projectiles (FMJ) as they are too hard and depending on range, may exit the animal without “dumping” the necessary kinetic energy to the animals body to effect the desired one shot kill we as responsible hunters strive for.




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