Clothing and Equipment for British Shooting

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There are endless numbers of country clothing and shooting equipment manufacturers all vying for your hard-earned cash. The variation in their fashion and social acceptability, effectiveness and cost goes is extreme and quite daunting to the inexperienced.

You don’t always have to pay a king’s ransom for good quality but it is fair to say there is hardly ever real value in “bargain price” wet weather clothing and field equipment. Being cold and wet or suffering from broken or malfunctioning equipment soon put dampers on your field outing.

Best advice – do your research by asking people you shoot, beat and pickup with or on the plethora of on-line shooting chat forums. Attending Country Fairs is another way of seeing the enormous range of items available in the market and quite often a good bargain is to be had there, especially on the final day of the Fair, on discontinued lines and the wee and extra, extra large sizes.

Here is a list of the basic clothing and equipment that you will need to feel at home amongst your friends and other in the field and to protect yourself from the often inclement British weather.



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