Partridge Shooting in Britain

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Driven partridge shooting in Britain is entirely different to partridge shooting anywhere else in the world.

The British countryside’s rolling terrain covered with thick hedge rows and small wooded hills, allow partridge to fly fast and quite  low to the ground – rising just far enough to clear obstacles before star-bursting away from the waiting line of Guns.

They truly are a very worthy game bird quarry.

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British Shooting is a social sport

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British shooting is renowned for its great sportsmanship and social interaction between the Guns.

Convivial conversation and banter is enjoyed during all the breaks, in the Gun’s Wagon and over the luncheon or dinner table.

Shooting Estates go to great lengths to make sure that clients from all parts of the world are warmly welcomed and that their customs and cultures respected.

Let British Country Sports introduce you to the delights of UK field sports – you will be glad you did.

Premium Chiltern Partridge Shooting


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A perfect day in the field for our international clients being so very close to London. We can have you back in London in time for dinner or the theatre.

Early season (September – October) 300 – 300+ bird days tailoring down to 150 – 250 partridge and pheasant bird days as the shooting season progresses through to the end of January.

This 1800 acre shoot is set on the fabulously undulating ground of the Chiltern Ranges and is very flexible with the dates that shooting can be had. Back to back days are the Estates speciality with a full range of accommodation options available nearby.

The Estate’s 18 drives are capable of being driven in multiple directions ensuring that the shoot caters for Guns of all experience.

And the great news is that it is only 30 miles (one hours driving time) from Central London.

On a typical day the Guns meet in the Shoot Room for coffee and rolls before starting shooting around 9.30.

Elevenses (morning tea) is taken in the field.

The 3 course Shoot Luncheon can be taken midway or at the end of the day’s shooting.

Please contact our Country Concierge Team at:

or contact Gary directly on +44 751 348 8115 for more details.