Grouse Season 2016 Update


Early reports from the Scottish and northern English moors seem to vindicate pre-season predictions that numbers of grouse this year will be better than last.

And after last years rather disastrous season, that is welcome news for Gamekeepers and Guns as well as the local communities who rely heavily on shooting parties for their annual incomes.

Rain and fog on some of the moors put a slight damper on the season opener on August 12th but in general it appears daily bag limits for both driven and walked up shooting days have been met with relative ease and a lot of excitement.

While bookings on the premier Estates have been consistent, some Guns have been holding off buying their grouse days this season in the hope that they may pick up some less expensive shooting in late October and November.

If grouse numbers hold up that may prove to be the case but the general consensus amongst keepers and other sporting agents is that prices will hold and that quality driven days especially will be hard to come by later in the season.

If you would like to buy grouse shooting days please contact our staff at

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