Carington Estate Partridge Shoot Buckinghamshire

Gary Creighton_0012

Two common British sayings sum up the day perfectly, “The proof is in the pudding” and “It does what it says on the tin”.

Carington Estate nestled in the picturesque Chiltern Hills just NW of London, prides itself in being a very good and consistent partridge and pheasant shoot.

Having had an extensive look around Carington Estate previously with resident gamekeeper of 17 years, James Bruno, I knew the shoot had great possibilities to cater for all type of weather (it is Britain after all) and for all levels of shooting experience of the Guns.

For yesterday’s shoot the weather was overcast and quite blustery with the wind changing direction many times within successive hours as the day wore on.

As you would expect for the first day of the season on the Estate, the birds were a real mixture of high flyers, missile like hedge hopping darts and pedestrian ambulators.

James and his team were certainly up to the task and marshalled the birds over the 10 gun line in a constant stream all day long.

Twice drives were changed at the last minute due to the wind swinging around and with seamless ease the Guns were placed out and shortly after the birds started coming. Congratulations to James and his well drilled team of beaters and the army of pickers up the Estate employs. You made the day a real treat for all.

Lunch in the well decorated and serviced shoot room was a wonderful chicken dish with piping hot vegetables. The apple pie dessert was simply delicious – good enough for most diners to ask for a second helping.

The Beretta 28″ barrelled 20 bore I was using performed as you would expect – without a problem.

It was “whippy enough” to get me onto the fastest fleeting birds and at Improved and Half Chokes was able to deal effortlessly with the higher birds as well. The No6 28gm seemed well matched to the gun, the birds and conditions of the day.

All in all, a wonderful days sport. The resident syndicate made me feel very welcome and of course couldn’t resist having a bit of fun with the Wallabies recent losses to England and Team GB’s outstanding efforts at Rio. I look forward to a return visit soon.

Shooting Days at Carington Estate can be booked through:


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