Hargham Hall Estate, Norfolk

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British Country Sports is very pleased to now be working with Hargham Hall Estate in Norfolk.
Hargham Hall Estate provides traditional driven game shooting over 2500 acres of some of the most beautiful Norfolk countryside.
Hargham Hall’s grounds lend themselves to exceptional but traditional partridge shooting and very testing woodland pheasants.
As well as providing excellent sport for a syndicate of Guns, Hargham Hall and only being a couple of hours from Central London, lends itself for also entertaining friends and clients alike.

Hargham’s very experienced management and staff provide first rate hospitality as well as discreet shooting coaching to visitors if needed.
Challenging shooting from drives such as Skinners, Wilby, The Breck, South Farm, Leys, Irongate Spinney and Church Wood with birds and pegs designed to produce the most challenging of Norfolk shooting. Bookings for the 2017 shooting season (1 Sep 2017 – 1 Feb 2018) now being taken.


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