A UAE team of Guns nails Carington Estate

An excellent first day for the UAE team shooting at Carington Estate in the Chiltern Hills. The weather was kind and the birds flew strongly all day long.

It took the first drive for the Guns to get into stride but after that they put on some wonderful shooting with multiple left and rights being taken on the subsequent 5 drives.

Carington Estate were their usual seamless operation with the day running like clockwork. As always at Carington, the welcoming was warm and sincere and the catering was plentiful and delicious. 

Chairman James Horne and Sales Manager Jonathan Irby from James Purdey & Son were kind enough to bring out 6 guns for the team to shoot with.

A very good days shooting, enjoyed by all.

Tomorrow the team are shooting at Luton Hoo Estate who have gone to some trouble to arrange double guns for the day, a rare opportunity when shooting partridge and pheasant in the south of England.

Expectations for another excellent day are high.

One thought on “A UAE team of Guns nails Carington Estate

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