FAQ’s About UK Simulated Game Shooting

Simulated Driven Game Bird Shooting is really taking off as a recreational sport in the UK. Men, women and youngsters from all walks of life are getting out into the field to bust these challenging clays and enjoy a wonderful social day. But as with most new things we undertake, there is a lot to think about and many questions to be asked and answered.

The following are the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive from clients about our Sim Days. We hope you find them useful.

If you have any other questions please contact us at enquiries@britishcountrysports.co.uk

Ø Do I need previous experience in handling shotguns or shooting?
Definitely  not! Experienced shotgun instructors can be made available to teach you shotgun safety and shooting technique tips so that you have the safest and best day possible.

Ø Do I need my own shotgun?
No. Shotguns in 12 and 20 bore can be supplied on request. If you are licensed to own a shotgun in the UK, you can certainly bring it along to use.

Ø What equipment should I bring?
Ear and eye protection as well as cartridge bags will be supplied.

Ø Do you supply cartridges?
Yes. Cartridges can be supplied upon request. If you are licensed to purchase and transport cartridges in the UK, you are free to bring your own. It is not uncommon for a Gun to shoot up to 700 cartridges on a Sim Day so bring along plenty. Cartridges of around 7.5 & 21 gms are enough to do the job especially when you are firing so many during the day. If you run out, we shall have some for sale to get you through the day.

Ø What should I wear?
We recommend sturdy footwear, clothes appropriate for the season and a hat be worn. In Britain, always expect inclement weather and have a good raincoat close at hand.

Ø Do I need to bring food and drink?
Only if you have special dietary needs. Hot and cold refreshments will be provided throughout the day, including a hearty picnic or pub lunch.

Ø Do I need to bring a 4WD off road vehicle?
4WD vehicles can be a bonus when moving around the shooting ground. If you don’t have a 4WD and it is deemed necessary, vehicles and drivers can be provided to transport you from drive to drive.

Ø How safe is it?
Simulated game shooting like all sports involving firearms comes with risk. That risk is significantly reduced by safe and responsible firearm handling by the Guns and situational awareness by their guests.  Our staff will act as safety officers to control all shooting and to monitor the safe performance/behaviour of all people present on the shooting ground. Novice or less experienced Guns will have an instructor provided throughout the day.

Ø What is a drive and a flush?
A “drive” is the location used for shooting i.e. where the clay pigeons are thrown over the Guns to be shot. There are normally four drives shot during a Sim Day. Each drive consists of two “flushes”.

A “flush” is when the clay pigeons are thrown over the Guns by mechanical throwers. A flush will usually last for up to 10 mins or more during which time approximately 500 clays will be thrown over the line of Guns. The flush is conducted in such a manner so as to replicate as close as possible, the presentation of driven game birds such as grouse, partridge and pheasant.

Ø How will I know that it is safe to shoot?
A safety and conduct briefing is given at the start of the day. All questions or doubtful points will be answered before shooting commences.  A horn will sound when shooting can commence and sound again when shooting is to stop and shotguns are to be unloaded.  Targets will be thrown so that they can be engaged at 45 degrees above the horizon to ensure the safety of the staff manning the throwers.

Ø Do I need specialist insurance?
No. We and the respective shooting grounds we use have insurance which covers each Gun for indemnity against accident or injury.

Ø Will the shotgun give me a bruise?
If you are a novice shot, your instructor will show you the correct way to hold and mount your shotgun into the your shoulder. This will reduce the chance of shoulder bruising occurring. Padded shoulder inserts can be made available to Guns requiring them.

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