Mulgrave Castle Shooting Dates for 2017


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The following team and individual peg dates have just become available at Mulgrave Castle – regarded by many as one of the premier, and certainly unique, partridge and pheasant shoots in the world.

Full Team Date Options: 300 – 500 bird days
– 11th to 14th Sept
– 18th to 21st Sept
– 10th & 11th Oct
– 1st Nov
– 14th Nov
– 23rd Nov
– 28th Nov
– 13th Dec
Single peg availability:
– 25th Oct – 3 pegs
– 6th & 7th Nov – 2 pegs
– 10th Jan – 6 pegs
Contact us to make your bookings now! or +44 (0) 203 642 2251

Shooting has a great history at Mulgrave Castle dating back to 1858 when Maharaja Dalip Singh took a long term lease from the Normanby family.

With the Estate extending to over 9,000 acres, Mulgrave is very different with stunning scenery and is very diverse. It has amazing variety, from The Point, which is the outstanding, dramatic signature beach drive, with high challenging birds driven off the cliff. This is the most unusual of shooting drives and holds an iconic reputation among Guns around the world. It is subject to the tide and weather, and does involve walking. It is not an accessible drive for people with walking difficulties.

There is also have the famous Footman’s Leap (a regular member of the shooting press’s Top 10 Drives in Britain), which has exceptional pheasants and is considered to be the highest and most challenging on the estate.

Wizards Glenn has very fast partridges with amazing scenery, along with Quarry Wood and birds flying over the trees to Cow Pastures in open fields.

Whilst Mulgrave Estate is a challenging shoot, they can accommodate all levels of experience.

With the development of a new extreme early season partridge shoot, shooting can now be taken from early September through to the end of January. The early season partridges are fantastic; with birds driven from cliffs onto beach areas and also over deep gullies and valleys, both providing excellent sport.

Mulgrave pride themselves on their first class Yorkshire hospitality. They have lavish elevenses and have moved away from the traditional pork pies to sandwiches, sausages, black pudding & apricot wellington and seafood canapés.

The finish early season shooting with a BBQ overlooking the coast, and when the clocks go back, they head off to the hotel for a hearty lunch.

Non shooting guests are welcome.


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