Grouse Shooting 2017 Season

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The 2017 British Grouse shooting season will open as it does every year on 12 August – better known to field sports enthusiasts as “The Glorious Twelfth”.

In late Victorian and Edwardian times, early August would see a migration of wealthy households (including all the staff and dogs) by train up to Northern England and Scotland in preparation for opening day.  While the shooting was important, so was the associated socialising; grand shoot dinners and lunches and the occasional ball to round out the grouse shooting expedition experience. 

Today the process is less formal and not as lengthy but still follows the customs and traditions set by our forebears a century ago.

Driven grouse days are sold by the number of brace (2 birds) to be shot i.e. 150 brace is 300 birds.  A team of Guns is normally 8-10 persons – sometimes shooting double shotguns.

Please contact our helpful staff on +44 (0) 203 642 2251 or our website for more details.

Our soon to be released Summer e-Newsletter will also list the driven grouse shooting dates we still have available.

Header Photo courtesy of Alan Ward of  Country Field Images . Alan is available to cover your shooting, stalking and fly fishing days in the field. Alan can be contacted via his website through the BCS office staff.

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