Deer – Artists’ Impression Review

Deer Impressions

“Deer – Artists’ Impressions”, Quiller, UK, 2013

The authors of this rather uniquely styled book published back in 2013 to celebrate 50 Years of The British Deer Society (BDS) are the sporting artists Ashley Boon, Ben Hoskyns, Ian MacGillivray, Rodger McPhail, Martin Ridley, Jonathan Salisbury, Keith Sykes and Owen Williams. HRH The Prince of Wales, Patron of the BDS for almost the last 40 years and a true lover of deer in the British countryside, obligingly wrote the Foreword.

Each of the eight artists has been given their own chapter to present their portrayals and experience of deer. The traditional mediums of pencil, watercolours and oils are all beautifully represented, as is ink on scraperboard – my particular favourite.

Also included is authoritative, accompanying text from Graham Downing, titled “The Natural History of Deer”, in which he describes in some detail, the six species of deer that inhabit Britain. I found this short exposé most informative and an excellent introduction to the chapters that follow.

As one may expect on a book of British deer, paintings of the Red Deer, the “Monarch of the Glen” and indeed the best known deer in the UK, dominate the pages, but it is very pleasing to see that the lesser known UK deer species are also well represented and beautifully depicted.

While the book is a wonderful collection of the artwork of the eight artists it is also interesting to read each of the author/painters thoughts on deer, their experience with them and painting them, and their thoughts on hunting them.

“Deer – Artists’ Impressions”, Quiller, UK, 2013 is another worthy addition to one’s library or coffee table. This book will appeal to country people, field sports enthusiasts and lovers of animal art.

Reviewed by Gary Creighton, CEO, British Country Sports

Quiller Publishing Discounted Sales Price to British Country Sports readers: £27.50 (RRP £35) plus Free P&P in the UK.  

To purchase the book at this price, go and enter the discount code antlers to be given the discounted price and free P&P in Britain.

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