Hot Barrels – Book Give-Away Competition

Hot barrels

Book Review and Give-Away Competition

British Country Sports Autumn e-Newsletter book review is the soon to be released Hot Barrels written by JC Jeremy Hobson with cartoons by Bryn Parry, published by Quiller Publishing, 2017.

A copy of Hot Barrels made available courtesy of Quiller Publishing is also this season’s book competition prize.

The competition will close at midnight on September 16th – the last day of ADIHEX 2017 – the largest hunting and equestrian exhibition to be held in the Middle East each year.

The winner will be announced on Monday 18th September.

The book competition question this time is:

If two guns made at the same time by the same gunmaker, marked with consecutive serial numbers underneath and ‘1’ and ‘2’ on the top are commonly known as a ‘pair’, and three such guns are known as a ‘trio’, what are four identical shotguns known as?

Send your answers by email to:  stating your answer and name.

Good luck!

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Pheasant & Partridge Shooting on London’s doorstep

Excellent mixed driven pheasant & partridge shooting only 90 minutes drive from Central  London.
4 of 8 pegs available for 300 bird pheasant/partridge shoot on 10 October on a quality Chiltern Hills shoot. Generous hospitality throughout the day.
All equipment, qualified instructor/loaders and insurance etc available for international clients.
Accommodation and transportation available upon request.
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British Driven Partridge & Pheasant Shooting Days November 2017

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British Country Sports has availability for full teams of 8-9 Guns shooting both partridge and pheasant in the rolling Chiltern Hills of Berkshire on 1 November and either the 14th, 15th or 16th of November. 

300 bird days with generous hospitality including coffee and snacks on arrival, Elevenses (morning tea) in the field, a 2-course hot lunch in the well-equipped shoot room and afternoon tea and cake. Continue reading

Wiltshire – a British fieldsports wonderland!

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With its majestic rolling countryside, scenic old villages,  historical sites and amazing array of traditional British country pursuits, Wiltshire has long been recognised as one of the most attractive and appealing of England’s counties.  And it is only 2 hours by car or 75 mins by train from Central London.

For the field sports enthusiasts it is home to some of the finest partridge and pheasant shooting estates in Britain. It also has several premium shooting schools and simulated game shooting grounds. It has fantastic country pursuits equipment and clothing stores. One, Wadswick Country Store, now has a life-like indoor simulated shooting range for ground and aerial game.   Continue reading

Field Sports – British Style!

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Grouse Shooting Tips


The 2017 UK Grouse shooting season starts next Saturday 12th August, The Glorious Twelfth.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your grouse shooting this season:

  1. Travel early and stay near the moor. Make sure you know where the RV for the day is. Grouse shooting is expensive – you don’t want to miss any part of the day due to traffic congestion, car troubles or getting lost on the way there.
  2. Prepare your equipment well. Your guns (most moors will expect you to double gun early in the season) have been checked and serviced, suitable cartridges have been purchased in sufficient numbers, shooting glasses and hearing protection are clean and serviceable, footwear including laces and zips are checked and wet weather gear and cap are packed.
  3. Get to know your loader as early as possible in the day. In the butt is too late.
  4. Rehearse your double gunning act with your loader before you get to the butts where you may be distracted by everything else that is going on.
  5. Site and understand the arcs prescribed by your butt’s shooting sticks – front and to the rear of your butt. Safety (in all its forms) is paramount to everything else throughout the day.
  6. Ascertain where the butts on your flanks are located.
  7. Study the topography of each drive to try to determine the likely flight path of the grouse as they are driven towards the butts. Your loader may have local knowledge that can help you with this.
  8. Visualise your “opening fire” line – usually around 20-30 yards in front of you.
  9. Practise your gun changing and swing to the rear with your loader in your allocated butt. Footwork and sure footing are crucial for safety and good shooting. Take your loader’s advice. They have probably shot multiple times from that butt.
  10. Once set up – be quiet. Listen intently for the approach of the beating line.
  11. Shoot fast (including a second shot) and instinctively. Do not dwell or over-think your shot or bird selection.
  12. Try not to select a particular bird well out in front and stick with it. It may veer away from your butt or be shot by an adjacent Gun and you are left with insufficient time to select another bird before the covey has sped through the line.
  13. Try to mark where birds have fallen but don’t allow this to dominate your thought process. Concentrate on your shooting and then when the final whistle has blown, worry about picking up birds in conjunction with the beaters and picking up team.
  14. Clean up your butt before leaving. Someone has to do it and the moor support team will very much appreciate it.
  15. Offer a gratuity to the gamekeeper and your loader commensurate with the work they have done to make your day a success and enjoyable for you.
  16. Most of all – ENJOY THE DAY!

Wellington Boots – your choice of brand and style?


With the 2017 UK game bird shooting season about to commence in less than 2 weeks (Grouse 12 Aug – 10 Dec, Partridge 1 Sep – 1 Feb, Pheasant 1 Oct – 1 Feb), it is time to take stock of all your shooting kit and the condition it is in.

While your gun maintenance and cartridge selections are critical, similar detailed inspection and thought should also be given to your waterproof jacket and wellington boots. Nothing will ruin a day in the field quicker than being soaked early on or having wet, cold feet and toes while standing on your peg or trudging through a ploughed field.  Continue reading