Wellington Boots – your choice of brand and style?


With the 2017 UK game bird shooting season about to commence in less than 2 weeks (Grouse 12 Aug – 10 Dec, Partridge 1 Sep – 1 Feb, Pheasant 1 Oct – 1 Feb), it is time to take stock of all your shooting kit and the condition it is in.

While your gun maintenance and cartridge selections are critical, similar detailed inspection and thought should also be given to your waterproof jacket and wellington boots. Nothing will ruin a day in the field quicker than being soaked early on or having wet, cold feet and toes while standing on your peg or trudging through a ploughed field. 

I personally place great importance on footwear; probably more so than my shooting coats which I can always change at the lunch break if need be. My “wellies” must be comfortable on the foot and calf, durable, warm and waterproof and value for money. Good boots are not cheap but they are a worthwhile investment.

This summer I have spent a lot of time speaking with country pursuit enthusiasts and boot stockists; getting their views on the various brands and styles of leather and rubber boots that are available here in the UK. And be warned, there are 100’s to choose from.

As the Glorious Twelfth (12th August) is fast approaching, this week I was finally forced to cease any further pontification and jump in and make a purchase.

After a lot of deliberation I decided upon a pair of excellent fitting Aigle Parcours 2 from the Wiltshire based online boot specialists, “bestboots”.


The Aigle Parcours come highly recommended by a variety of users and at around £169 they are keenly priced.

I shall report back over the season how they hold up and perform.

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