Wiltshire – a British fieldsports wonderland!

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With its majestic rolling countryside, scenic old villages,  historical sites and amazing array of traditional British country pursuits, Wiltshire has long been recognised as one of the most attractive and appealing of England’s counties.  And it is only 2 hours by car or 75 mins by train from Central London.

For the field sports enthusiasts it is home to some of the finest partridge and pheasant shooting estates in Britain. It also has several premium shooting schools and simulated game shooting grounds. It has fantastic country pursuits equipment and clothing stores. One, Wadswick Country Store, now has a life-like indoor simulated shooting range for ground and aerial game.  

It has Badminton 3-Day Trial on its doorstep and other top flight equine facilities and events throughout the county and of course some of the very best fly fishing waters in Britain.

Add to this the almost unending sightseeing of ancient and historical sites, the idyllic postcard like villages and countryside views combined with amazing locally produced food and the full range of dining establishments and you have found your perfect UK vacation base.

Little wonder we established British Country Sports there.

Please contact our helpful “Country Concierge” staff on +44 (0) 203 642 2251 or enquires@britishcountrysports.co.uk for more details and holiday planning assistance.


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