About Us

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Welcome to British Country Sports – our blog aimed at introducing people from all around the world to the rather unique sporting experiences that traditional British country pursuits provide.

British Country Sports covers various types of shooting, fishing, gundogs, falconry and hunting as well as relevant conservation and environmental issues.

We are hoping British Country Sports will appeal to international readers and help them understand how particular country pursuits are conducted in the UK and to show how accessible we can make those sports to them.

One thought on “About Us

  1. Good morning Gary – just noticed your Twitter page – I am Jeremy Hunt (Fenway Labradors) http://www.fenwaylabradors.co.uk – well known breeder – Shooting Gazette gundog writer and author of “Training the Working Labrador”. I am attracting interest from Europe and USA from people who want to follow my methods of training – I’d like to explore opportunities to expand this or to offer visitors from abroad the chance to spend a special day with us as part of their UK visit – is this your area of business! Look forward to hearing from you – Best Regards Jeremy Hunt


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